USLION Universal Cool Heat Sink Mobile Phone Cooler Phone Cooling Fan Case DL05 Digital Radiator Portable Phone Cooling Mute Fan

Price: 14.74


1. After installation, it does not affect the holding with both hands, and there is no metal feeling
2. Silent glare fan, bass operation, no interference
3. Spring telescopic clamp, support and clamping width is 65-85mm, will not hurt the phone
4. Embedded silent fan 7500 rpm DC motor noise reduction operation
5. With LED screen to display the phone temperature
6. Lightweight and portable to carry around to cool down at any time

Product name: mobile phone radiator DL05
Maximum: 7500 revolutions
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 1.5A-2A
Charging interface: Type-C
Use model: width 65-85mm

Package Included:
Mobile phone radiator*1
power cord*1

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