Power Strip EU Plug with USB Ports Fast Charging Multiple Socket Electrical Outlets Surge Protector 2500 W Independent Switches

Price: 32.82 - 5.41

• Multi-Functional Design :This power strip combines EU plugs with USB ports, providing fast charging and multiple electrical outlets. It’s perfect for residential or general-purpose use.

• Robust Power Capacity :With a power capacity of 2500 W, this power strip ensures reliable and efficient power supply for your devices.

• Protective Features :Equipped with a surge protector, this power strip safeguards your electronic devices from power surges and damage.

• Convenient Usage :The wall-embedded installation makes it easy to use, while the independent switches allow for individual control over each outlet.

• Durable Material :Made from sturdy plastic, this power strip is designed to withstand regular use while maintaining its efficiency and longevity.

• RoHS Certified :This product is RoHS certified, guaranteeing it meets high standards of quality and safety.

  1. 6-in-1 multiple socket with USB: This short power strip with 2 earthed sockets, 3 USB-A connectors and 1 USB-C connection; surface can support 6 devices at the same time, suitable for TVs, computers, mobile phones, tablets and household appliances.

  2. 25 m elastic cable and independent switch: 6-in-1 multiple cable, 0.25 m long and 3 independent switches. The elastic cable can easily extend a common Schuko socket to multiple sockets to ensure the simultaneous use of multiple devices. The independent switch can turn on and off the power of the device separately.

  3. Fast charging: The 2-way plug adapter is made of V0 flame retardant material, the temperature resistance is up to 850°C. 1 x PD 3.0 USB-C socket, maximum power up to 20 W, 1 x QC 3.0 socket (18 W MAX) and 2 car ID connectors (12 W MAX), and there are two 2500 watt Schuko sockets (2500 V 10 A) to choose from. Provides stable current and voltage for safe and fast charging of multiple devices.

  4. 【Multiple Protection】: This 6-in-1 multiple socket is equipped with overvoltage, over-current, overload, anti-static and Thanks to the independent switch, violations can be effectively prevented and children and animals can be protected from accidental injury.

  5. Easy to carry: the size of the MKSENSE 2-way socket is only 18.8 x 14 x 3.8 cm, easy to carry, takes up little space, very suitable for travel


Material: PC

Operating voltage: 100 ~ 250 V, 50/60 Hz

Rated output: 10 A/2500 W (max.)

Total power: 20W MAX

PD output: 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2. 22 A, 12 V/1. 67 A, 20 W (max.)

QC output: 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2 A, 12 V/1. 3a, 18 W (max.)

Auto-ID output: 5 V/2. 4 A 12 W (max.)

Package included:

1 ×Power Strip


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