DDR3 DDR4 DDR5 Laptop to Desktop Memory Adapter Card SO-DIMM To PC DIMM Card DDR3 DDR4 DDR5 Memory RAM Connector Adapter

Price: 4.50

Laptop To Desktop Memory Adapter Card DDR3 DDR4 DDR5 SO-DIMM To PC DIMM Card Connector Card

1. Compatibility: Our memory adapter card solves the problem of incompatibility between computer components by providing a reliable solution that supports various types of memory and motherboard configurations.
2. Simple Installation: Our SO-DIMM to PC DIMM card is easy to install, making it a hassle-free solution for users who want to upgrade their computer’s memory without any technical knowledge or experience.
3. High-Quality Design: Our memory RAM is designed with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
4. Versatility: Our memory adapter can be used with a variety of memory types, including DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, making it a versatile solution for users who need to upgrade their computer’s memory.
5. Cost-Effective: Our connector card provides a cost-effective solution for users who want to upgrade their memory without having to replace their existing motherboard or computer.Treatment options:
(1) Carefully wipe the gold fingers of the memory stick clean with an eraser and reinsert it into the slot.
(2) Use hot melt adhesive to fill in the gaps on both sides of the memory slot to prevent continued oxidation during use.(3) If there is still an alarm after a period of use, you can replace the memory stick first to see if the alarm still occurs in the course of future use.(4) If the memory alarm still appears after a period of time, the only way to completely solve the problem is to replace the motherboard at this point.
For cases where the memory stick and the motherboard are not compatible due to technical problems, you can only replace the memory stick with another brand, and of course you can also change the motherboard.


Certification: NONE

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Cable Adapter

Model Number: Laptop To Desktop Memory Adapter Card

DDR3: 13.4 x 3.7cm/5.3 x 1.5inch
DDR4: 13.4 x 3.6cm/5.3 x 1.4inch
DDR5: 13.4 x 2.8cm/5.3 x 1.1inch
1. Memory and motherboard incompatible:
Memory and motherboard incompatible failure is more common, manifested as yesterday’s computer is still using a good, but this morning a boot, the computer is not compatible with the motherboard. The only way to get rid of this problem is to open the case, take the memory stick off and reinsert it. Note: When unplugging the memory stick, be sure to unplug the mainframe and power cord to prevent accidental burning of the memory. This is a light fault, in serious cases, you need to wipe several memory slots several times to light up the machine. However, in less than ten days and half a month, the alarm will appear again. As soon as you open the case and plug the memory in, it will be fine again. If you say there is a problem with the machine, as long as it lights up, it will run for 10 days and half a month without any problems. But the constant alarms are too much for anyone to bear. This is a typical case of incompatible memory and motherboard. The causes of this failure are: (1) The memory stick is not standardised and the memory stick is a little thin. When the memory is inserted into the memory slot, a certain gap is left. If there is vibration or dust falling in during use, it will cause the memory to make poor contact and produce an alarm. (2) The gold fingers of the memory stick are poorly crafted and the surface of the gold fingers is poorly plated. During prolonged use, the oxide layer on the surface of the gold fingers gradually thickens and, after accumulation, will result in poor memory contact and memory alarms when booting. (3) Poor quality memory slots, reeds and memory sticks with gold finger contact is not really, in the process of use there is always a pitfall, time will not light up, boot up the alarm. (4) Then there is the sheer incompatibility of the situation: a strip that works fine on some motherboards, but to this motherboard often crashes, or does not start properly. This is a typical incompatibility situation.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Memory Adapter Card

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