‘Pokémon’ says no to Artificial Intelligence by launching a thunderbolt at the techbros

The continual chant of those that consider that synthetic intelligence goes to substitute human creativity is at all times “You’ll see in two years!” That is, paradoxically, the identical factor that was stated about NFTs. Sometime they’ll have to be proper, I suppose. For now, there are corporations that embrace it, however the majority, seeing the public’s apprehension, are shortly distancing themselves from the expertise. The newest to accomplish that, after all, was The Pokémon Firm.

Pokémon Buying and selling Card Recreation Dwell

AI, I do not choose you!

But not in video games or character design (although it’s expected that they don’t touch it for anything creative), but in an illustration contest for the card game, which is usually done for artists from the United States. In this year’s competition, several illustrations generated by AI have made it into the top 300, and fans are not happy that they could go through the process without being detected.

Now, The Pokémon Company has made it very clear that it will disqualify entries that violate the terms of the contest, so AI cheaters can say goodbye to the prize, and they will be replaced by real people with real creativity. Companies are slowly realizing that what seemed like a great opportunity is actually a step backwards that users can detect right away. It looks extremely bad. We’ll see how technology ends up, but for now, things don’t look good for fans of writing a sentence and hitting Enter.

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