Would You Vote For An Artificial Intelligence Candidate?

Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee on Friday introduced that ”Digital Built-in Candidate,” or VIC, is not going to be allowed on the Major Election Candidate for Mayor of Cheyenne.

As an alternative, Victor Miller, the person who registered VIC, might be listed as a candidate.

In saying her resolution, Lee launched a press release that included the next:

”Wyoming regulation, to get rid of voter confusion, might permit the title by which a candidate is mostly recognized to be printed on the poll. Laramie County elector Victor Miller shouldn’t be commonly known as VIC. Victor Miller, by means of numerous interviews and statements to media, has constantly maintained a distinction between himself as a “meat avatar” and separate from the AI-program he chooses to name VIC. To permit VIC to be listed as a candidate would each violate Wyoming regulation and create voter confusion. VIC shouldn’t be a registered voter. Due to this fact, VIC can’t run for workplace in Wyoming and the title doesn’t seem on Laramie County’s official poll.”

Whereas the choice was Lee’s as Laramie County Clerk, Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Grey had earlier mentioned he did not consider an Artificial Intelligence candidate is eligible to run for workplace below Wyoming election regulation both.

So it seems that the VIC problem has been settled, at the very least for 2024.

However Would You Think about Voting For An AI Candidate?

However only for the heck of it, we had been questioning if the voters would take into account such a candidate if it was allowed.

We wish to be clear. We’re NOT questioning the legality of the choice relating to VIC. We aren’t authorized students and we do not play that position on-line.

However the idea is fascinating. AI is taking part in an growing position in our on a regular basis lives. Would you take into account voting for synthetic intelligence over human candidates if that selection was allowed?

Some would argue that Artificial Intelligence would make purely rational choices not clouded by feelings or bias.

Then once more..perhaps feelings have a spot in decision-making. And what concerning the worry that Artificial Intelligence threatens to take over sometime? It could sound just like the plot of a science fiction film. However Sci-Fi has develop into a actuality earlier than

Both method..take our ballot and provides us your opinion!

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